PE File Format DLL

This DLL was created because there was a need to access data about PE format files and to keep the source code for doing this in one place. The DLL was originally derived from Matt Pietrek's program LIPO32.EXE, which accompanied an article in MSJ magazine. The source code to LIPO32.EXE was published with the article and is still publicly available. Since we made use of that source code, we are publishing this modified source code so that others may make use of this.

The files which came from LIPO32.EXE have a notice at the top of the file that reads:

// LIPO32/LIPOSUCTION32 - Matt Pietrek 1996
Some of these files have been modified by Object Media Limited. All other files were provided by Object Media Limited.

Many of the files from LIPO32.EXE source code were used as the basis for the DLL and then extended with extra classes to handle tasks not done by the existing code. Such tasks include:

To see an example of how to use this DLL, take a look at peFileExplorer.

Some parts of this DLL are incomplete as we could not find the documentation for certain fields. If you know how to parse the codeview symbol information, there are a few areas that need finishing. Also, with the release of VisualStudio.Net there are now two delay loading mechanisms, only one of which (the original) is supported by PEDLL.

This program is provided with source code. If you find any bugs with this program, please let us know: sales [at] objectmedia [dot] ltd [dot] uk.

You use this program at your own risk. Object Media will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from using this program or a derivative of this program.

Download the source.

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