Disk Copier

We wrote this program because we were fed up with the continual dialog boxes that popup to annoy you when you copy disks, folders and files using the Win95/WinNT shell. In addition this program won't abandon copying just because it couldn't copy a file. For anyone wishing to study a multithreaded program, this will be a useful guide.

Also, because you can specify a filter to include or exclude files, you can use this program instead of using xcopy.exe. The results are much faster when you are copying a mixture of file types. Plus, just decause Dev Studio has the a file open the whole file copy won't be abandoned, and you will get an error/warning status in the dialog.

Disk Copier

This program is provided with source code. If you find any bugs with this program, please let us know: sales [at] objectmedia [dot] ltd [dot] uk.

You use this program at your own risk. Object Media will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from using this program or a derivative of this program.

Download the source.

Download the executable and the common files installer.

Information about using the program can be found on the help page.

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